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Design means creativity

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

Design means Creativity! I am Ibtihal, working up the ladder of my life with this rule.

I graduated with an Interior Décor Diploma from the United States of America and began my career with little growing minds- Children. “Creativity at its best and definitely at the peak”. I grew stronger and informed while working and designing for children for 23 years. The little heads taught me more than what any formal education can teach.

Now moving on from managing nurseries to creating spaces…

My next venture- Design and décor. My formal qualification of décor always popped up as a friend in time during my educator days. The education industry facilitated my passion by inspiring me to create spaces that are not only aesthetically beautiful, but also safe and functional. Now, completing my accomplishment in the education industry; I want to follow my passion and fascination. Establishing my waver, after few hands-on with residences, I am now ready to jump on the wagon to proceed further. My designs encompass QUALITY- my priority and STYLE- the beauty element, inclusive of the radical elements- Flow and Function. Ranging from furniture selection to hanging the right picture on your wall, I can suggest and create awesome spaces. I am an individual who understands the client’s need from their conversations.

My eclectic style guides me in creating varied required looks. My construction skills have ranged from renovating a play area in a commercial mall to a full nursery set up including classroom structure and play-ground lay-outs. I have strong affinity to projects involving children of varied ages. I am well versed in knowing what works well and what doesn’t.

I believe in a collaborative approach and work closely with my customers. Mixing décor styles and ideas to bring out the individuality would be my USP. Be it recreating existing spaces, working with small areas and giving them the best of biggest looks, furniture selection, office, restaurant or retail interior. I can change thoughts to functional working designs. I am happy to discuss at any stage of the design process and will suggest cost-effective solutions.

My dream project is to restore the glory of a time-worn home for the owners. Retaining the grandeur and memories of the property, helping the possessor maintain the home with modest costs, would be my fundamental plan.

So here I am taking all my love, experiences, ideas and passion to begin “Dazzling Designs Interior Services” for creating comfortable spaces that are elegant, quirky and beloved.

With all the excitement for this move I welcome you to my wonderful world!

- Ibtihal Abu Jarad, Owner and Founding decorator – Dazzling Designs Interior Services


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